Israel Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences – ISCLS

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The Israel Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (ISCLS) is dedicated to the promotion and practice of clinical laboratory sciences.
The ISCLS Vision is to lead in the provision of clinical laboratory services at the highest professional and academic level and to collaborate with our medical colleagues in striving for the best quality in patient care.
The ISCLS Mission is to improve the quality of clinical laboratories and continuously enhance excellence in Laboratory Medicine in Israel.
Our purpose is to provide the highest quality of clinical laboratory services, including education and research for achieving excellence in patient care.

The original Israel Society for Clinical Biochemistry (the ISCB) was established in 1981,by consolidation of two smaller organizations, the Israel Society for Clinical Pathology, established in 1971 (which was academically oriented) and the Israel Society of Clinical Laboratory Directors, established in 1973 (which was management oriented). Since its inception, the ISCB strived to collaborate with other professional societies in clinical laboratory medicine and to develop a comprehensive approach to the practice of Laboratory Medicine in Israel. In 1999, ISCB incorporated the Hematology division of clinical laboratory professionals, forming a new organization – Israel Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences – ISCLS. Subsequently, the Microbiology division joined the society, which now encompasses all Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

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The ISCLS welcomes graduates in science and medicine, laboratory professionals,, students and others with an interest in clinical laboratory sciences. Full membership in ISCLS is limited to graduates with academic degrees in biological sciences and/or medicine. Technicians (with no academic degrees) may be accepted as affiliate members. The ISCLS has an active corporate membership for the companies and agencies providing clinical laboratory equipment and reagents.

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Regulatory affairs

The ISCLS is registered as a non-profit professional society in Israel. All activities carried out by the ISCLS are regulated by its charter and by-laws, and the laws of Israel pertaining to non-profit organizations.

All professionals working in clinical laboratories must be licensed by the Ministry of Health. Graduates of Clinical Laboratory Sciences are licensed to practice Laboratory Medicine (see: "Education"). Those who have not graduated from the Clinical Laboratory Sciences programs in Israel, must undertake supplementary studies and pass an examination of the Ministry of Health to obtain their license.

The ISCLS is governed by an Executive Board elected by the Society members for a three-year term. The person with the majority of votes at the general election is nominated as President. Various responsibilities of Board Members (i.e. Treasurer, National Representative at the IFCC, etc.) are decided and distributed by the President and Board. The Board also includes the last president for continuity.

ISCLS has been involved in the enactment of regulations governing the prerequisites for senior positions in clinical laboratories. Members of ISCLS have been active in the licensing examinations of the candidates.

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Scientific Activities

The ISCLS carries out a number of scientific activities. The major activity is the annual two-day convention of the ISCLS. Other activities include four to five half-day seminars on clinical topics and their relationship to specific aspects of clinical laboratory activities, as well as several half-day workshops on pertinent professional topics.


There are three academic programs in Israel awarding a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. All graduates are eligible for a license to practice the profession.

At each annual ISCLS convention, citation is given to members of the society: Prizes are awarded to members for outstanding research, and to the best posters presented at the convention. Scholarships are awarded to outstanding post-graduate students (members).


The ISCLS is a long-standing member of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC), and several of its members have been active in IFCC Committees, Divisions, and have served on the Executive Board of this major international professional organization. The ISCLS is also a member of the European Society of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFCC).


The ISCLS has a continuous communication with its members through the electronic media and the ISCLS site. Our web site contains summaries of all the past, present, and future activities of the society, as well as information pertaining to pertinent literature in the field and international professional activities.

The Executive Board

The Executive Board of the ISCLS comprises of nine members. The Audit Committee includes three members. The president of the board elected in 2015 is Dr. Avi Peretz.

Dr Marielle Kaplan is currently serving as the National Representative to the IFCC and EFLM. For contact please write to

Past presidents of the ISCLS have been:  Prof. Aryeh Scheinberg. Dr. Jacob Zaidman, Prof. Oren Zinder, Prof. Michael Mayer, Dr. Daniella Harell, Dr. Rachel Golan, and Dr. Adina Bar-Haim, Nurit Algur, Dr. Marielle Kaplan.